AX5D4089The Health and Happiness Center was originally created to save my life, as I struggled with clinical depression and breast cancer. I barely had the will to survive, let alone a desire to live. I desperately needed more than conventional treatments, as I was wounded in all aspects of my life. It was clear that my whole being needed to be treated.

So, I designed a body, mind and soul treatment, which included making my body healthy and strong to deter and fight cancer, depression, aging, and other medical issues that came my way; and a mind, that would be sharp and balanced enough to deal with psychological and emotional issues on a daily basis; and a soul, that would give me peace and acceptance, as well as meaning and purpose. I also wanted to rediscover laughter, joy and fun. Health and happiness became my prescription for survival, love, and life in every way. And it worked!
I live and practice health and happiness methods everyday to survive, feel alive, and to find happiness, serenity, and sanity in an often insane world.

Our Mission:
The Health and Happiness Center is here to educate and empower you through programs for everyone at any age or stage in their lives to discover health and happiness right now, without waiting, and to use it as a powerful tool, to prevent, heal, and renew all aspects of your body, mind, and soul. Because as I’ve learned the hard way, life is unpredictable and it can change in a split second and everything can all be gone. So don’t miss out. There’s so much living and loving to do.

I hold a M.A. and a Ph.D in clinical psychology with 20 year experience in mental health with emphasis on Jungian, Health, and Positive psychology, and alternative and natural treatment for Depression. I’m also certified in nutrition studies and plant based and holistic foods. I am also a psychology professor, journalist, columnist, and the author of several books, and a depression, cancer, and life survivor.

I have discovered a life worth living in every way through health and happiness, and I hope to share it with you.
Life is truly too short not to be healthy and happy now. Remember, When you have health & happiness, you can do just about anything.


Clara Young, Ph.D