It’s Ok To Be Alone
It’s absolutely okay to be alone on New Year’s Eve. There’s no law that says you need to be at a big party with a lot of noisy people, all dressed up in heavy makeup and uncomfortable clothes and heels. Create your own version of New Year’s Eve. This could be a rare opportunity to have some peace and quiet, hang out in your jammies all night, and do just whatever you want.

Plus Side
There are many benefits of being alone on NYE. You’re avoiding traffic, noisy, loud and obnoxious people, the hassle to get all dressed up, forced to be social with a drink in your hand, and be involved in painful superficial chit chats that drain your energy. You can avoid all that and enjoy and celebrate NYE in your own home, and you can eat and drink as much champagne as you want.  No casualties.

Avoid Self-Pity
It’s easy to fall into “why am I alone” pitfall. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, do some self- assessment to why you are alone and if there’s room for improvement. Maybe you have some fears or obstacles that could be sabotaging your personal relationships.

Have an “Aloners” Party
A while ago, my friend and I gathered all the people who were alone and dateless on New Year’s Eve and had a party of our own and we had a blast. We were more comfortable and relaxed because there was no pressure to impress or be nice to our dates or even kiss them. Woohoo!

Ask Friends
Often people don’t know you’re alone and will assume you have plans. Reach out and let your friends know you’re available and get invited to parties or get togethers. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Go Down Memory Lane
For those of you who are alone due to a loss, feel free to go down memory lane and revisit your happier times. But don’t get too lost in it. Pay homage to those special memories and then be glad you had someone who loved you and vice versa. Not everybody is privileged to true love in a lifetime. Focus on what you had and not on what you don’t have right now. You never know what and who 2018 will bring.

Pets are Awesome Dates
Dogs, cats, and other pets make wonderful NYE dates. They don’t demand much and they don’t care what you look like, and they always thinks you’re the best. They are also incredibly adorable, handsome, and cute (than many human dates) and they do give great hugs and kisses. Happy New Year Moose!

Whatever you do, have a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve.
Happy New Year!