I get asked a lot of questions about health, healthy eating, mental health, medication, weight loss, happiness,etc., and even about pet’s health (I have 4 dogs and you guessed it, I implement healthy and happy eating and lifestyle for them too!) from patients, clients, friends, family, students, and even from people on the streets because most people are confused about health. Who can blame them? The information out there is anything but clear.
So I’ve decided to share the answers to these common health questions with the public and you in hopes that it can clarify and benefit you on your quest to educate yourself about being healthy in both the body and the mind. So, stay tuned. Also, post any questions you have about health and I’ll try to answer them based on both scientific evidence, as well as my professional and personal life experiences, and we’ll all get on with becoming healthy and happy together brilliantly!


What is healthy eating already?

What does organic food mean?