How to Avoid Calories & Sugar in Holiday Drinks

When you’re at a party or throwing one, you can avoid high calories and sugar in drinks and avoid gaining weight and losing health benefits with these simple tips. Your body, mind, and your date will thank you.

Of course, the best way to avoid sugar and calories is to completely avoid alcoholic and sugary drinks and opt for water, natural juices, and tea.

Drink a glass of water before and in between your cocktails to keep hydrated and full, and you won’t drink as much.

Eat healthy snacks like veggies, nuts, or fruits before and along with your drinks and you won’t drink as much or as fast.

Here Are Some Low Calorie Holiday Drinks

Non Alcoholic Sparking Punch
Dilute your drink with sparking water or club soda to reduce calories and sugar. You can always use unsweetened cranberry juice.

Choose Red wine
It contains antioxidants and heart health benefits, and a six ounce glass has about 120 calories. And you’re less likely to chug wine down fast.

Hot Toddy
The lemon in this drink will give you vitamin C and the honey, cinnamon, cloves provides antioxidants and other nutritional value, and the drink has about 100 to 150 calories.

A four ounce glass has about 90 calories. You can also dilute the drink with sparking water or club soda to cut calories and make it last much longer. Sip slowly to truly enjoy its charm.

Cranberry Punch
Create an easy, healthy and non-alcoholic punch with just
Cranberry juice concentrate
Club soda or seltzer
Decorate with lemon or lime slices, cranberries, mint, rosemary, etc.

Please remember to drink responsibly for yourself and others.