Did you know we can exercise brain power?
We can actually recondition our brain to create a behavior or a habit. Cool.

According to scientists and studies, doing the same thing at the same time everyday for two to three weeks consistently can help the brain to rewire, develop a pattern, and eventually turn it into a habit to become an automatic behavior. That means we can actually influence our brain to be more positive, optimistic, and happy, keeping us healthy, active, and vital, to live a long and fulfilling life. Sounds good to me.

According to Harvard studies, when our brain is in the positive and happy mode, it also performs more efficiently. It’s true the other way around too. When our brain is in a negative or stress mode, it will perform poorly. That makes sense too. You know you don’t feel as sharp, imaginative, or productive when you are depressed, tired, and pessimistic. Same goes for the brain. It needs to be in a positive mode to increase our creativity, intelligence, productivity, energy level, (all the good stuff), which helps us achieve our goals, become satisfied and successful, and have better relationships with others. So make a conscious effort to incorporate a happy behavior, (five minutes a day to start) everyday, and it will become a habit. This is how I did it and it’s second nature now. And isn’t it nice to know we have some power over our own brain and behavior? And you’d thought it was the aliens. OK, maybe…