insider-world Compassion Fatigue

People who work in a “caring” environment, such as hospitals, animal rescue, homeless shelters, or non-profit organizations, often experience burnout physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as they are exposed to many sad and tragic circumstances on a regular basis.

This takes a toll on the body and the mind and it can affect the caretaker’s professional performance. In many cases, the caretakers develop serious medical problems, negative and poor attitudes, and anger and depression, which can all hinder their own health and those they care for.

We have developed a Health and Happiness workshop just for caretakers, which focuses directly on their issues and needs. We will help you develop tools, which could renew, energize, strengthen, and empower you to do what you do best: help others in great need. This can also create a more positive and pleasant work environment with greater teamwork and yield higher results for everyone in the organization.

Our Mission
This is our way of helping others; whether it be people, homeless and abused animals, or the wounded planet, we want to help empower those with great talents and gifts to make our world better by instilling them with simple, yet powerful tools and mental strength, that can help them be healthy and happy, physically and psychologically, to forge ahead for great causes, as well as thrive in that journey.

Making a difference is hard, but incredibly meaningful.
Health and happiness is the answer to fight for your causes with compassion, wisdom, and joy.

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