Egg Drop Soup
No Recipe Required

This is probably one of the easiest, healthy, quick and yummy soups on the planet. Anyone can make it without a recipe and it’s soothing and satisfying, and it goes  with everything, especially dumplings.
You can even leave out the scallions and peas if you don’t have it. I’ve often just used eggs, soy sace/tamari, salt & pepper, and water.



Water or vegetable or mushroom broth.
Organic soy sauce or tamari.
Organic and/pasteurized large eggs.
Sea or kosher salt (coarse preferred).
Fresh ground pepper.
Scallions, chopped and/or organic peas.


Fill half a pot with water or broth.
When it starts boiling, drop in the eggs and give it a stir to break the yolks.
Add the scallions and/or peas, soy sauce or tamari, salt and pepper.
Season and taste to your liking. When the eggs start to float, they are cooked, it’s done.