Food Therapy
with Dr. Clara

What is Food Therapy?

Food therapy is a program I developed initially for my own survival; to combat cancer, depression, menopause, stress, and other health, mental, and daily issues, through powerful eating and cooking.

Eventually, FT turned out to be my life savior and it improved all aspects of my life in a positive and rewarding way, not to mention save my life. Eventually I shared the program with my family, friends, clients & students, and educated them about using powerful food to prevent medical and mental diseases, heal from harsh treatments, improve mental balance, and even increase self-esteem. When your body feels strong and healthy, your attitude and outlook will be positive and hopeful.

We are in a health epidemic!
Straying far from our natural diet and relying on heavily processed food is causing allergies, hormonal imbalance, diseases, premature death, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, just to mention a few. Unhealthy eating is also increasing mental health symptoms and lowering our quality of life. But all this can be fixed through FT’s healthy eating, and you can use this for a lifetime and pass it onto your children and future generation.

Let me show you what and how I eat everyday to not only survive, but to enjoy incredibly culinary feast that seems to be limitless. Food is truly amazing and so much fun!