Food + Psychology = Food Therapy!

Food therapy is a program I developed initially for my own survival; to combat cancer, depression, menopause, stress, weight gain, and other health and mental issues.
Countless studies have proven what I discovered on my own and it eventually saved my life, and it continues to prevent, fight, and heal my body and mind from physical, medical, and emotional issues that come with everyday life. Along with my family, friends, and clients, I am pain free, without being on a single medication, and at an ideal weight, enjoying great food and living my life to the fullest, because I work on myself. This is possible for everybody, including you.

What is Food Therapy?

Food therapy combines powerful nutrition through healthy and delicious foods we were meant to eat in order to survive AND psychological methods to help you face emotional issues, such as low self-esteem, fear, stress, and other obstacles in your life that maybe standing in your way of health and happiness, because the body and the mind always work and react together. So, you need to address both issues at the same time rather than mask it with medication or denial, which only prolongs the pain and misery, making things worse with time and age.

Whatever painful problems you may be having, it’s usually a combination of physical, emotional, and lifestyle issues (it’s rarely just about one thing) that can be addressed and solved to help you live life comfortably with pain management for both the body and the mind, but it also helps with all aspect of your life in a positive way, decreasing chances of medical problems like heart disease to cancer to depression and Alzheimer’s etc. Don’t let emotional and psychological obstacles stand in your way. There’s still a lot of living and giving to do.


We are in a health epidemic!
Straying far from our natural diet and relying on heavily processed food is causing allergies, migraines, aches & pain, hormonal imbalance, diseases, premature aging and death, cancer, diabetes, obesity, mood imbalance, just to mention a few. Unhealthy eating is also increasing mental health symptoms and lowering our quality of life. But all this can be fixed through healthy eating, and you can use this knowledge for a lifetime and pass it onto your children and future generations. Because what we need to eat in order to survive will never change.


Life is full of disappointments, heartaches, negatives, stress, and a lot of pressure; sometimes from ourselves without even knowing it. Whether it’s a trauma or a crisis from the past or the present, specific mental disorders, or issues related to relationships, school, children, anxiety, stress, work, family, money, fears, etc., or wanting to improve and grow as an individual, psychotherapy is a powerful tool to confront and resolve your pain, fears and worries, as well as discover your own mental and inner strength in a safe, confidential, and trusting environment to achieve your goals, and find success, happiness, peace, and compassion towards yourself and others. It’s really about self-discovery.

Weight Management
It’s Not Just About Food

It still amazes me how many people spend so much money and time, and succumb to endless unhealthy and dangerous diets to try and lose weight. Diets simply don’t work! Studies support this and yet, people are always looking for shortcuts and gimmicks, which lead them to a longer and more painful experience, when it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re really serious about losing weight, you have to focus on being healthy, physically and emotionally, and the unnecessary weight will come off automatically. Over eating and weight gain is rarely only about food. There is almost always an emotional and psychological component. Whether it’s boredom, low self-esteem, loneliness, fear, anger, depression, anxiety, and so forth, people find instant gratification through food, mostly junk food that is cheap and accessible and the cycle begins with often dangerous consequences for a long time.

There’s only one way to lose weight and that is to work on your health; eating healthy foods, reducing the bad and increasing the good, and facing your emotional issues at the same time. And you don’t have to do it alone and it’s not as difficult as you imagine. Staying in pain and misery is much harder. Get away from the unhealthy and self-defeating crowd; the new norm. Be the smart one and lose weight by being healthy and you’ll look and feel great for the rest of your life, and stay in control of your body and your mind.


I’ve been a clinical psychologist for more than 20 years and I became a nutritionist when I was diagnosed with breast cancer to save my life, and in that process, I lost weight, along with night and binge eating, insomnia, and other health issues I’ve had for decades.That’s the beauty of being healthy. It helps with everything! As a doctorate and a scientist, I rely on empirical facts and research, but I also trust my life experience and instinct for survival of every kind. By utilizing both food and psychology, anyone can achieve a healthy body and mind. Food therapy is what I know and what I do every day for my own health and survival.

Individual Food Therapy Coaching
In a one-on-one session, I treat the whole person by assessing and developing an individual treatment option designed just for you and your life. I review your current diet and make dietary recommendation according to your physical, medical and lifestyle needs. I also check for any emotional or psychological issues that maybe obstacles in meeting your goals, as well as help you discover your own mental power and strength within yourself, that can serve as your weapons and allies for the rest of your life, because you don’t want to be dependent on anything or anyone forever. All the courage and tools you need is within you. You just need help getting them out.

Group Food Therapy Coaching

Whether it’s in a small group or hundreds of corporate employees, the group coaching is ideal to get everyone started on empowering their body and mind through nutritious and healthy eating and by identifying emotional and psychological obstacles, so treatment can begin once and for all. It helps with both professional and personal aspects of everybody’s life. In addition, groups and companies will see improvement in morale and overall progress because workers will be stronger, healthier, and happier. There is no better business formula for success.

Don’t Live in Pain Any More

Stop wasting time, life, and money. Medication and/or dieting will not get you far and the goal should be to get you off the meds and stop dieting, which is truly damaging to your body and mind, not to mention incredibly expensive. So, learn to eat healthy and become mentally powerful, so you don’t become dependent on anything or anyone else. You can take back your health, body, mind, and your life. Imagine that! Don’t let physical and psychological obstacles stand in your way. Don’t live in the dark with sadness and misery. Give yourself a chance to come alive. Great goal for 2019!

If you’re interested in becoming healthy physically and reducing pain and weight and improving your state of mind, contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to see if food therapy is right for you. Click here.