Green Happiness

We are Green!

We cannot be healthy and happy in a sick and wounded planet.
We depend on clean air, water, foods, and all the animals that play a vital part in our ecosystem to keep earth healthy, strong, majestic, and magical.
Therefore, everyone must play a role in saving our food supply, wildlife, and nature for sheer survival and for our future generations, and it’s easier than you think, because we hold the ultimate consumer power. What we buy and spend money on everyday can make a difference between life and death for every living being. It’s up to us to take back our health and our world before it’s too late.

We Love Animals!

Whether it’s dogs, cats, sea turtles or elephants, we cherish the majestic beauty, unconditional love, and the sheer awe animals brings us.
We believe in conservation as so many animals are on the brink of extinction, mainly caused by man.
There isn’t a single day where animals don’t heal, soothe, and delight us in many ways. Join us in protecting our partners & neighbors on earth and prove that human souls are good, kind, and deep, and we choose always to help those who cannot defend themselves from cruelty. We are the champions of the underdogs, but we get so much in return.

We donate and volunteer to our favorite conservation and rescue groups regularly. Volunteering is especially good for our mental health and wounded souls. We encourage you to give in any which you can, because you have more to give than you realize. Thank you!