In addition to the inevitable candies, sneak in some easy, yummy, healthy, and fun snacks for kids and grown ups this Halloween to avoid total gluttony and calories.

For the ghostly bananas: Peel bananas and cut them straight across about three-quarters of the way down. Using a dab of peanut or any nut butter, stick three carob or chocolate chips onto each banana to make a ghostly face.

For the peppers oozing with pasta brains:
Cut off the top of each pepper neatly and seed and core each one. Using a sharp knife, cut out the jack o’ lantern face. Fill with pasta of your choice. I like using ink black pasta or a mix or colorful ones.

For the pumpkin clementines:
Peel clementines and insert a short celery stick into the top of each of them.

For the orange jack o’ lantern:
Using a sharp knife, cut off the top of a large orange. Scoop out the inside as carefully as possible. Then cut out the jack o’lantern face and the top in a diagonal pattern. Fill with any combination of fruit you like.

Use your brilliant & scary imagination.
Happy Halloween y’all!