Eat healthy.
Meats and processed foods can cause hormonal & chemical imbalance, which creates lethargy and mood shifts.

Physical activity can help with chemical balance and increase endorphins for positive moods. It doesn’t have to be extreme. Take a walk outside.

Avoid isolation.
Being alone leads to distorted reality.

Talk therapy.
Talk to a psychotherapist. Regular therapy sessions has shown to be effective in reducing depression symptoms.  You can also talk to someone who actively listens and cares.

Seek alternative therapy.
There are many forms of alternative treatments for depression that are natural, non drug, and effective long term.

Talk to your doctor.
To eliminate other potential medical possibilities that shares depression symptoms, as well as treatment options.

Helping someone else shifts the focus on your depression and gives you a sense of self-worth.

You can find more tips from the book, “Woman in the Underworld”
Come to our Depression Workshop to learn more and to help yourself and others.
Remember, there’s always hope.