LonersWhether it’s the past election, loss of a loved one, pets, jobs, or a dream, loss is real and it can be very painful. Here’s some suggestions to help you heal and keep you moving forward.

Allow yourself time and space to grieve and honor your loss. Your emotions are responding to the shock and pain. It’s okay to feel an array of emotions like denial, anger, depression, fear, and sadness. Take the time to cry and grieve. It can be a release of deep sorrow.

Express Yourself
In a safe, trusting, and confidential environment, express your anger, fear, and sadness. Talk to a trusted individual, such as a counselor or a psychotherapist and/or do talk therapy or art, writing, or other forms of therapy to help you express and release all your pain. Holding in your negative emotions can cause bitterness and resentment, and even get you stuck, robbing you of the present and the future.

Support Groups
Joining a support group and sharing your emotions, issues, and concerns can be an effective way to release, resolve, and connect with others who are in a similar situation. You won’t feel alone.

Avoid Being Impulsive. Acting on intense emotion can have high consequences physically and psychologically. Literally, count to ten and/or remove yourself from a hostile/violent environment to assess before making any drastic decisions. You want to heal and empower, rather than become a victim in many ways.

You Still Have a Voice & Power: 
Loss may leave you feeling powerless, but you have more power than you realize. But the choice is up to you. For example, as a consumer, your choices and actions can dictate the direction of politics, economy, family, and the environment. Try looking at things you can do right now to exercise those powers. Whether it’s carpooling, using less gas and fuel, switching to local, organic products, or switching banks that invest in ethical projects, remember your choices makes a difference everyday in an effective way. There cannot be supply without a demand. You and everybody matter.

Give Yourself a Break:
In the midst of sadness of the loss, return to the norm as much as possible, but also give yourself a break by going on a short trip, eating your favorite food, buying yourself a small gift, or working on your favorite hobby.
Reach out to a friend who is positive, caring, and funny, and hang out.
Grief doesn’t mean you have to be in a dark place all the time. Go outside, soak in the sunshine, go for a walk in a peaceful place. Take a nap, get a massage, relax, and breathe. You and life will go on.

Be with Caring People:
Surround yourself with caring, supportive, and optimistic people who are nurturing and hopeful. Avoid negative, whining, and pessimistic people, who can bring you down and make you feel more depressed and hopeless.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time, empathy, and kindness towards yourself and others to grieve and recover. The grieving process can be both healing and empowering, if you allow it. This will eventually help you learn, grow stronger, to dream and move forward. You still have a lot of living, giving, and loving to do.
You’re gonna be alright. We all will.