Last Minute Holiday Survival Tips!

Still Shopping…
Park away from the crowd and the entrance to the stores and malls, and save time and get some exercise at the same time. Go as early as possible. Most people  show up after lunch. Have a list, instead of looking at everything, everywhere.
Take the stairs rather than the elevator and avoid the grumpy crowd and you’ll burn calories and arrive at your destination faster and happier.

Get people what they want and need, and not what you think they should have. This is a very common mistake. That’s why everybody has a stash of unwanted gifts in their basements and attics.

Stay Regular. This Is Important!
Constipation is common during the holidays when there’s more stress and change of schedule. So eat more fiber rich foods such as steel cut oats, apples, celery, brown rice, bananas, and get extra servings of vegetable and fruits and drink lots of pure filtered water.

Exercise & Dancing
You need it more than ever and it doesn’t have to be a formal workout. Christmas songs are blaring everywhere so dance along with singing. You can do both and get much needed endorphins and burn calories, while having fun. You can video tape everyone dancing and watch it together, and everyone will break out laughing. This is fun with coworkers too. It’s instant laugh therapy.
In our household, whenever there’s a commercial break during watching TV, we get up and dance.

Less is More
Don’t stress over doing too much. Don’t need to light or decorate the entire house inside and out, make a feast, or buy 3-5 gifts per person. Try becoming a minimalist.

Don’t Forget Down Time
Find a quiet place for a bit to breath, relax and recuperate. I’ve run to closets, bathrooms, cars, the garage, the neighbor’s front lawn, and the bathtub with the shower curtains drawn. It always works.

Replace Expectation with Appreciation
Get rid of your preconceived notion about what holidays should be. That’s only in the movies. Instead, focus on being grateful for the things you do have. I’m so grateful that I only have a few annoying relatives coming. Woohoo!

Don’t forget to enjoy the holidays rather than spend all your time and energy doing too much and obsessing over what you don’t have. Stop for a few minutes and look outside, listen to your favorite Christmas songs, have some hot chocolate, talk to Santa, and have fun!


Happy Holidays!