Happy World Kindness Day!
(November 13th)

Today, we are encouraged to be kind to others, which most of you already do, I have no doubt. But we are rarely kind to ourselves. So today and every day, I encourage you to be kind to yourself, because when you exercise self-compassion, it will automatically spread to others. Compassion really begins with you. Here are some “must do’s to be kind to yourself & others.

Acknowledge Your Act of Kindness
Let it give you self-worth and that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s quietly powerful and you’ve earned it.

Be Kind Physically & Mentally
Buy someone and yourself a small gift or go out to lunch, or take a nice drive or a walk.
Also be kind mentally. Exercise unconditional understanding and love, and be grateful and forgiving. Pat yourself on the back. “I’m doing alright. And I’ll keep going.”

Befriend Yourself
There’s no better friend than you. After all, you’re with you all the time, so it’s not a bad idea to get to know you. Ask yourself, “If I were my best friend, what would I do to be kind?” Often people’s loneliness and emptiness stems from a missing connection with oneself.

You can donate things, time, money, cookies, clothes, blood, etc., to your favorite charities, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.
A homeless man near our house is very proud. He refuses to take money or go to a shelter. So, we give him blankets, tents, clothes, food, books, etc., and he is more than grateful and satisfied.

At your favorite organizations and/or animal shelters or rescue places. Animals need kindness too and they give us unconditional love.

Don’t Criticize
Don’t say anything negative or critical to yourself or others. I know it can be hard, but the more you do it; the easier it will become.

Focus on The Good
Try to look for the good in everyone, including yourself. You have more than you know. In my group, we write down each other’s positive and good qualities and then share them over lunch. It’s so much fun and incredibly powerful.

Give and Accept Genuine Compliments
When someone gave you good service or helped you in any way, say thank you and let them know how great they were. It goes a long way for everyone.
What would be a compliment to give yourself right now? I bet there are lots. Be generous.

I thank YOU for your kindness.