No Recipe, Easy, Healthy, & Delicious Vegetable Soup!

It’s a new week, cool outside, and you don’t feel like cooking much after work. I hear ya! Here’s an easy vegetable soup for any day of the week or weekend, that requires very little work and one pot. It’s hearty, nutritious, quick, and economical, with little clean up. So your week is off to a calm, but powerful start.

Chop Vegetables
You’ll want at least an onion. But you can use just about any vegetables you like or ones hanging around the refrigerator, such as carrots, celery, cauliflower, corn, kale, spinach, peas, squash, potatoes, etc. You can use fresh or frozen veggies or a mix of both. Make sure the veggies are similar sizes and cook the ones that are thicker first. You can make life a bit easier and buy pre chopped veggies; organic preferred always.

Sweat the Veggies
In a medium or a large pot, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil or organic coconut oil and heat for a minute and then sweat the onions. Then throw in all the veggies and give it a good stir.

Add Seasoning
Season the soup with minced garlic, a good amount of salt, freshly grounded pepper, a bay leaf or two.

Add the Liquid
Water is actually enough to bring out the flavors of all the vegetables, but you can use your favorite vegetable or mushroom broth, homemade or store bought (organic preferred). Fill just to cover the vegetables. You can always adjust the amount as you go. If you have some sherry, you can also add a splash of it.
Cover the pot and bring to a boil and then lower to simmer until your vegetables are tender. Depending on the size, it should only take about 15-30 minutes. You can always add more water or broth. Taste the soup as you cook and adjust the seasoning, as needed.

Optional But Recommended
Add a can of organic chopped tomatoes. I like to use fire roasted chopped tomatoes.
Add a can of organic beans of any kind. Garbanzo, white beans, etc.
Add small pasta: I’d like to cook them separately and then add them at the end.
Add the canned foods toward the end since they are already cooked.
Add a can of organic coconut milk for a twist in flavor.
You can also puree the soup in a blender or using an immersion blender for a creamy texture.

That’s it!

You can serve the soup with some croutons, drizzle of good organic olive oil or a dollop of cashew cream, and some sourdough bread, crusty baguette, or grilled cheese. Yum!

Allow this easy, healthy, comfort food to sooth your body and soul for a whole week.