November Newsletter

with Dr. Clara Young

The cool weather is here and it’s officially the holiday season, so you need to strengthen yourself physically and emotionally to survive, thrive, and enjoy all the fun, instead of getting sick and stressed out. Not fun.

What are you thankful for?
Gratitude: Here’s how I learned about gratitude. It’s a chapter from my upcoming book, “Happiness to the Rescue.” BTW, Thank you all! I could not be without you guys.
Giving: Try something new this year and forgo eating a turkey or ham this holiday, which is usually laced with hormones & chemicals, cruelly raised, and fed with GMO feeds. Try a vegetarian or vegan dinner for at least one holiday or meal, or go meatless mondays. It’s good for your health, mood, wallet, and mother earth, not to mention less work! Health and compassion is always a wise and soulful choice.
Volunteer: I usually volunteer during the holidays. Consider homeless or animal shelters or visiting a hospital or a senior center, where people are often alone during the holidays. It will warm your heart and give you a massive dose of self satisfaction.

Learn. Empower. Laugh & Have Fun!

Are You Ready for the Holidays?
This year, we are going to beat the holiday blues and have an amazing time. Woohoo!
We will teach you simple methods to beat stress, avoid gaining weight, strangling a relative, and  pulling your hair out. Instead, you’ll have a good time and feel fabulous. Imagine that!

Holiday Survival Workshop

Despite the warm and fuzzy ads, for many people holidays spells, STRESSED OUT! Added responsibilities, endless cooking, strange relatives, guerrilla shopping, weight gain, and bickering dysfunctional families can resort to unhealthy methods to escape the madness. Not this year!
Come & learn how to stay sane, keep your cool, and actually have a good time. It’s easier than you think.

How Not to Gain Weight During the Holidays
On average, people gain 2-5 pounds or more during the holidays that never comes off. This is  bad for your waistline, physical and mental health, and self-esteem. We have some tricks and easy methods to help you not gain weight during the holidays. This is a skill everyone needs to have for every holiday, forever.

Overcome Depression Naturally
Depression is very personal to me, since I survived it for over 20 years. When all methods failed, I went on to discover my own “Healing Methods,” that were non invasive to the body, natural, affordable, and effective everyday. Let me show you what has worked for me and others, so you don’t have to suffer alone. There’s always hope.
Don’t be SAD
Cold, shorter and darker days can bring the winter blues. Known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, many succumb to the symptoms of depression due to lack of sunlight, exercise, pressure of holidays, loneliness, and more. So, join us at the Overcoming Depression Naturally workshop, and we’ll all see the light and hope together. You are never alone.
Visit our website for more information, workshops and registration. 

 FOOD THERAPY with Dr. Clara
for the body, mind, & soul
Hearty Indonesian Tomato Soup

Here’s a hearty soup to fight off colds, flu, viruses, and depression from cold weather and added stress.
Protect yourself by eating more immune boosting foods, such as veggies, fruits, and nuts, and eat less or eliminate meat, sugar, dairy, and processed food.
Eating powerful food will also stabilize your serotonin level to increase your positive mood. We could always use more of that. 
Come join me for a food workshop to learn more about healthy, powerful, and delicious food for the body, mind and soul.

I took a chance and entered a cooking contest and became a finalist, went on TV , and had a blast. Queen Latifah was a guest on the same show. Cool!
Dare to look at your fear(s), that may be holding you back.Take a chance on a dream. Life is about trying and not results. If I can do it, so can you. I’ll help you. Go for it!
Go to to watch a clip under latest news or videos.
Please be gentle. I was nervous as heck!

Don’t forget to laugh 5 minutes a day!

How to Deal with Loss
Whether it’s the the past election, loss of a loved one, pets, jobs or a dream, loss is real and it can be very painful. Here’s some suggestions to help you heal and keep Lonersyou moving forward. Read on

Dr. Clara’s Fall Prescription:
We move less when it’s cold, dark, raining or snowing. Try exercising at home/indoors with your favorite boogie music and dance and shake for 15-20 minutes, and keep your body and mind in top shape.You can do this with your coworkers at the office and/or with your family. It’s invigorating and fun.

Enjoy the Fall Season.
Don’t miss the beauty and charm of fall. Pick up a few red and yellow leaves and press them between books or go apple picking and make a pie, or just enjoy the view.
Don’t Forget Self-Care & Love.
With the holiday madness, it’s easy to forget about your self. Take the time to slow down, relax, and breathe. Take a hot bath, visit with a pal, get a massage, and see your therapist regularly. Remember, it’s okay to ask for help, and say “no” once in awhile.

Hug Your Pet!
One of the best therapies around. Give them a hug and a kiss and they’ll give you unconditional love. Don’t have a pet? Volunteer at the local animal shelters and walk or sit with a cat or a dog. You have so much love to give and receive.
Don’t forget to save some gratitude for our wonderful pets. They keep us sane in an insane world. Thank goodness.
Always Laugh & Boogie.
Do One Good Deed.
Stop Beating Yourself Up!
Be Kind to Yourself & Others.

See you soon!
Dr. Clara 🙂
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