You have the courage to face your Depression
You are not alone
There is always HOPE.

Depression is very personal to me, because I’ve suffered from it for more than 20 years.
In that long and dark journey, I tried all the conventional methods, which failed me over and over, causing excruciating pain to the body, mind, and soul. I lost all will to live.

As a last resort, I turned to alternative methods and developed my own set of “healing methods,” which are drug free, affordable, and non-invasive to the body. Health and happiness are a part of my healing methods and the most effective antidepressants I have discovered. And, anyone can learn to use them to overcome Depression.

The healing methods are what has worked for me and my patients, and what keeps us going.
Let me share them with you, so you don’t have to suffer alone in silence any more.
Dr. Clara


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