By now, you know at least one person who is miserable with the flu. This season is worst than ever and people are flooding the ER and not getting any better, even with the flu shot at times.
I can’t remember the last time I had the flu. I make a conscious effort to prevent and fight it every season. Here’s my remedy to help protect you every season, any where from any kind of flu.

Empower Your Immune System with Powerful Food
Your immune system is what fights viruses and other foreign and dangerous invaders in your body. So give it plenty of fuel and ammunition by eating immune building foods like veggies, fruits, whole grains, lots of water, juices, teas, etc.
In addition, avoid eating foods that is tough on your immune system like meats, (takes 48 hours to process) junk and processed foods, that bring their own set of germs.

Eat a variety of foods, as much as you can throughout the day, 3-5 times a day, day or night.

Wash Your Hands
Especially when you’re out in public. Use hottest water you can tolerate and cleanse thoroughly for 20 seconds. If you must travel, carry hand sanitizers, but remember they only last about an hour.

Avoid People
Stay away from people as much as possible and avoid physical contact like shaking hands, hugs, etc. Tell people you’re sick and it will stop them instantly. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, where germs could enter your body. Viruses are airborne and it can affect anybody, anywhere.

See Your Doctor
Go see a doctor and discuss treatment possibilities, including a flu shot. I personally don’t get a flu shot, but people who are older with chronic illnesses and a compromised immune system could benefit. This year’s flu shot is only about 10% effective. Even if you do get a flu shot, incorporate all the methods to help your body fight and heal asap.

Turn off the phone, TV, computer, shut the door, kill the doorbell, and sleep as much as you can and avoid any physical activities, where your body has to work harder. Remember, it’s got its hands full fighting the flu.

Ask for Help
If you have someone who is not sick, ask them for help. This is no time to be considerate. You have to get better to help others. Have them bring you some food, ton of water, teas, juices, blankets, teddy bears, etc. They can leave it on your doorstep and run away holding their breath!

Relax & Give Stress a Holiday
You can be in bed doing nothing and still not get better if your mind is worrying or feeling guilty. Your stress level is probably one of the reasons why your body is weak and susceptible to the flu, among others. Try to empty your thoughts or focus on just one thing, meditate while lying down, and take a trip to Hawaii in your head, rather than thinking about all the things you have to do.
Preventing and fighting the flu requires treating both the body and the mind.

Eat well. Rest. Sleep and Feel Better!