How to Survive a Road Trip

We’ve all been there. Road trips that seem like a never ending nightmare; stuck with family we cannot escape 24/7, and far away from home in the middle of nowhere.
Instead of biting each other’s head off and thinking about killing your family, try these simple tips to actually enjoy your road trip this summer.

Pick a Destination Everyone Will Benefit From
that may have daycare, dog care, pools, spas, escape venues, etc., to accommodate everybody’s needs including yours.

Pre plan and Prepare in Advance
This minimizes so many potential disasters.

Make a Check List
of all things everybody needs, including kids well in advance, but make sure you travel simple and light.

Plenty of Distractions & Entertainment
Drinks, snacks, books, videos, music, etc.

Whether it’s short walks, hotel gym, stretches in hotel rooms or outside, sneak in as much movement as possible. It will help with circulation, increase positive moods, give you energy (you’ll need it), and avoid constipation!

Have Break Time Each Day
where everyone spend time apart. No guilt necessary. It’s absolutely OK. No rule that says you have to be with your family 24/7, and it will benefit everyone; especially those teens who roll their eyes all day.

Get An Extra Room.
Even if it costs more, you’ll enjoy the peace, sleep, and some time to recuperate. So worth it!

Breath and Meditate
even in the car, hotel or public bathroom.

Be Flexible & Patient
Unforeseen things will happen, so go with the flow. It could be a blessing and an exciting adventure, depending on how you choose to look at it.

You’ll laugh about this later and the kids will be gone before you know it, so stay positive while you create memories and some fun as well.

Happy Trails!