download (6)Are You Still Waiting to be Happy?

In a split second, my whole life changed.
I learned the hard way that I don’t have all the time in the world, so I don’t wait to be happy any more.
Luckily, happiness was already within me. I just couldn’t see it. Now, I am happy everyday and I never take that for granted, because life is unpredictable and fleeting.

Studies have shown that it doesn’t take much for us to be happy and it’s within our power. We simply need to be aware and rediscover how to be happy. And, it’s simple and easy, just like recess during grade school. So, don’t waste any more of your precious life, lost, miserable, grumpy, and unhappy. You’ve done enough of that.

Happiness is also not just an emotion, but a source of strength, a survival tool, an ally, and a bridge to each other. This is what is going to save us. When we are feeling happy, we become better individuals, parents, partners, workers, caretakers, teachers, and soulmates. It is contagious to everyone around us.

Let me show you how to be happy now with what you have while you are on your life’s journey. I did it and you can do it too.

Start by reading my book, “Happiness to the Rescue,Life Lessons to Survive Everything and be Deliriously Happy. By a Neurotic Midlife Crisis, Depression, Cancer and Life Survivor!
The book has 50 happiness lessons that you can use on a daily basis to stay positive, optimistic, and hopeful, as well as facts and information about happiness and personal stories that is easy to ready and entertaining. I carry my copy around as a guide and a resource to deal with everyday stress and anxiety to difficult people and stay sane and uplifted.

Come and let a little sunshine into your soul every day.