WARNING: The Holidays Are Coming!! 

images (48)That means fun and joy, but also stress, stress, & more stress!!! You know what I mean. Despite the cozy holiday ads of happy and harmonious families, most of us end up pulling our hair out, eating to food coma, and drinking to beat the holiday blues.

Instead of avoiding the dysfunctional family like the plague, arguing & bickering at the mall, punching the plastic Santa, and contemplating jumping over a cliff, try something different and effective this year by arming yourself from annoying relatives, obnoxious coworkers, guerilla warfare shopping, and moments of despair and loneliness.

Come and learn simple ways to:
Beat the holidays blues in a healthy way.
Not overeat and gain weight.
Stay calm and easy going without alcohol and medication.
Actually enjoy yourself and embrace the holiday spirit. And more…
If anything, come and vent and commiserate with others who can totally relate.

Happiness Workshops:
How to be Happy!
Fighting Cancer with Happiness
Laugh Therapy
Happiness for Companies
Holiday Survival

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