Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning or cleaning in general doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult or toxic. I use lemon, water and vinegar to clean just about everything from bathrooms, windows, cutting boards, sinks, floors, dishwashers, doggie bowls, ovens, floors to toys and more. It’s safe, cheap, easy and there’s hardly any waste. You probably already have these ingredients.

In a spray bottle mix 2 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of lemon or juice of half a lemon, 1 cup of water. Shake and use. Honestly, you don’t need exact measurements. I usually eyeball it.

More Uses:
You can also rub lemon on the stove to degrease and deodorize.
Throw in half a lemon when you run the dishwasher and it will clean and make it smell nice and lemony. Easy.

Cut lemon in half, dip it in coarse salt and rub away to clean copper. Magical.
After I use the lemon, I chop it up or grate it fine and throw it into the garbage disposal to kill bacteria and to make it smell oh so nice. Love it!

If you have a clogged sink, try pouring 1/4 cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the sink. It will foam (kinda cool). Leave it alone for half an hour or more, then flush with hot water. No more expensive toxic chemicals that ruins our pipes, environment, and air. (Wear gloves to protect your hands just in case)

Donate Your Old Clothes, Furniture, Books, Stuff, etc.

I’m sure you have clothes that haven’t seen any daylight for decades or old furniture taking up space, or exercise equipment turned ugly coat rack, and other things from another life. Instead of living in clutter, donate to the Salvation Army or Goodwill or local churches, shelters, etc. Everyone will benefit. Some organizations will even come and pick up and you’ll get a tax deduction. And don’t forget the pets. I’ve donated toys, beds, bowls, etc. It’s a win win for everyone. Arf!

Reduce Waste

We try to minimize our waste every week by recycling, reusing, and reducing just about everything. For example, we wash and reuse ziplock bags, which lasts almost forever, same for plastic bags, containers from take out or restaurants, plastic forks, knives, paper bags, etc. We also try to use what we have in the house, rather than running out to buy something new. It saves us money and the environment. Smart!

Reduce Trash
In our block, we have a weekly competition.
Whoever has the least amount of trash in their black bin or none at all, gets a prize and a free dinner. It’s a win win not only for us, but the environment, and we save money, and we also build a community and forever friendships. Hooray!