It takes courage to go into therapy and face your fears, demons, and issues honestly and make peace to become a bigger and better individual for yourself and those you love.
You have that courage. Choose life and love, over pain & sadness.

4b5a8dc7-ecbc-44c2-8be9-65ad5867371bWhether it’s a trauma or a crisis from the past or the present, specific disorders such as depression and anxiety, or issues related to relationships, school, children, work, family, money, fears, etc., or wanting to grow as an individual, psychotherapy is a powerful tool to confront and resolve your pain, fear and worries, as well as discover your own mental and inner strength in a safe, confidential, and trusting environment to achieve your goals, and find success, happiness, peace, and compassion towards yourself and others.


Psychotherapy is about discovering all that you are made of. We spend so much time, energy, money, and heart on getting to know others, yet barely give ourselves a true glance. Inside you lay a wealth of treasures, beauty, talents & courage that can empower you to battle life’s little and big demons, as well as help you become a fearless, vibrant, and compassionate individual for yourself and those you love. Everything you need to survive and thrive is already inside of you. Don’t let emotional and psychological obstacles stand in your way. Don’t live in the dark with sadness and misery. Give yourself a chance to come alive. You have so much to give.

My Journey

I know firsthand what it’s like to live in fear, agony, depression, hopelessness and confusion. I am a depression survivor for more than 25 years. At the onset of my symptoms, including suicidal thoughts, I was met with careless and incompetent professionals, which lead me several times to the emergency room screaming in excruciating pain. Sick as I was, I had to go on a quest to find psychological help on my own. Eventually, I found a caring and competent psychotherapist who helped me help myself to save my body, mind & soul, not only to manage depression and other ailments, but others issues that comes with the mystery of life on a daily basis. Now, one of my greatest strength is my mental power and anyone can achieve it.

I’ve have been a clinical psychologist for 20 years specializing in anxiety disorders, depression, and general psychology utilizing alternative and natural treatment options. I am also trained in Jungian, Buddhist, and Positive psychology, which emphasizes positivity, depth, compassion and enlightenment.

Psychotherapy Services Available:
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