Happy Summer Everyone!
Summer can be fun but also very stressful. It’s hot and humid, fires are everywhere, kids are out of school (help!), and vacations can turn into a nightmare. So, here are some simple tips.
Stay Hydrated
Drinks lots of water, but also eat a a variety of vegetables and sweet fruits, such as peaches, watermelon, berries, etc., which are full of juices and nutrients to  quench your thirst, keep you hydrated, and give you extra energy  to keep going and have fun.
Eat Well
Eat lighter foods such as salads, yogurt parfaits, steamed and baked dishes and avoid heavy foods such meat, white pasta, fried, processed, and oily foods. It will weigh you down, make you lethargic, and invite calories, fat, indigestion, and health issues. Fresh veggies and fruits are abundant in the summer and it has antioxidants to fight germs and keep you going. So, take advantage of it and empower your body and waistline, and stay fit.
Get Active
Go outside and move, walk, swim, and run around. The days are longer, so it’s time to be outside.
But make sure you avoid the hottest time of the day. Exercise early morning or early evenings. There’s nothing like taking a walk in summer evenings when it’s cool and bright until past 8pm.
Sleep Well & Take a Nap
Try to get as much sleep as possible. if the heat is preventing you from a good night’s sleep, try taking naps during the day. Studies prove even 15 minutes of napping does wonder to restore your body and energy.
Have Fun!
Don’t forget to have fun for yourself, as well as your family and friends. You don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money. Take a trip to the beach on a weekday or watch a movie outdoors, go dancing or swimming, or my favorite- sitting outside and doing absolutely nothing, and drinking my favorite beverage after sundown.
Escape, Hide, Relax!
I’ve recently discovered hiding. I run away to where no one can find me from time to time and just relax. Why didn’t I know about this before? You’ve earned it. Even for a little while, escape and just relax, where no one knows your name and the word, “Mom” has vanished.