This year, give your mom what she wants rather than what you think she wants.

Millions of people will be buying cards, chocolates, and flowers for Mother’s Day this Sunday, but it turns out that most moms do not want those things as a gift, along with gifts on parenting, kids, diet books, kitchenware, or cleaning supplies. Here is the real wish list for moms. It may or may not surprise you. Either way, she’ll be happy you figured it out this year.

Number #1 request for moms of all ages. For various reasons, moms are deprived of a good night’s sleep, so give her the gift of uninterrupted sleep. Better yet, treat her to a hotel room alone, where she can put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door that people won’t ignore and sleep away.

Moms would like to escape with a good book (preferably alone) that can entertain and help her survive being a mom and a human being. So, treat her to a good book (positive ones, please) and leave her alone.
Here’s a good book that will give your mom the gift of health & happiness:  Happiness to the Rescue!

Give her a day without responsibilities, errands, chores, pickups, play dates, cell phones, driving, etc. (You know what I’m talking about). Let her know she doesn’t have to be anywhere or do anything.

In addition to getting an uninterrupted sleep and shower, mom can enjoy room service (no meal planning, cooking, doing the beds, or cleaning), be served (every mom’s fantasy) and enjoy a spa with a massage. Mom’s heaven on earth!

Despite good intentions, making a meal for mom by husbands and kids can be disastrous and she might end up cleaning up the mess in the bedroom and the kitchen. It could back fire. So, for everybody’s sake, make a reservation at a restaurant, and eat out. No fuss and no mess for everyone. Win win.

Some moms would like to be away from the family at least a few hours of the day. So, take the kids out or send them to daycare, grandparents, play dates, etc. You can all go out to a nice dinner together after she’s refreshed and pampered.

Moms fantasize about this all year. Surprise her with a clean house. You can do it yourself or better yet, hire a cleaning service to clean every part of the house and make it easy on everyone. Don’t forget to do the laundry and maybe even throw in a car wash. Her day will be perfect!

Most moms prefer homemade gifts whether it’s cards with macaroni shells or stickers, or cookies or cupcakes, or drawings. She’ll cherish the gifts you made with your own hands and hearts forever.


We Love You Moms and Thank You Always!