For Courageous Women


Seeking a soulful journey.
A timeless beauty. To tell your untold story.
To release the goddess inside you.
To heal and forgive & to find sisterhood.
To shape a unique and brilliant life.
To have fun & celebrate!
Bring respect for self & others,
an open mind & an unbiased heart.
Come and discover all that is you – body, mind, & soul.

 Women Helping Women: A special gathering of intelligent, passionate, talented, compassionate, & conscientious  women to help each other and our community. You have so much to give & receive. We are women. Hear us roar! We are professional, independent, experienced women working hard every day. We have skills, services, and talents, which can benefit each other. We laugh, love,  give, eat, & have fun. Come join us, as we build our circle of women helping women. We will energize, motivate, inspire, & empower each other. We are not alone. We will survive brilliantly, together!

Become a Timeless Woman: A Soulful Journey of Self-Discovery. This is a special invitation for special women in midlife seeking a more fulfilling and meaningful life, that defies time and age.  A truly beautiful woman is timeless. Discover all the beauty, courage, and tools, within you, which will carry you into a deeper, soulful, and a happier place in life.

Women and Depression: What Every Woman Should Know About Depression. Women suffer from Depression twice as much, and twice as long, as men do. But there are safe and effective methods for treating Depression. Come and find out.